Alert! These things can lead to ‘heart attack’

Shivani Arora

Hearing the name of heart attack or heart attack, people panic. The patient’s life can be saved if the patient or bystanders follow some important instructions at the right time when the symptoms of heart attack are felt. In this case, immediate medical attention is required. Treatment should be started as soon as symptoms appear in a person. However, if the patient gets proper help in time, the chances of survival increase.

Why does a heart attack occur?

You know that the flow of blood throughout our body is maintained all the time, the work of this blood circulation in the body is done by the heart. The right side of the heart carries blood from your body to your lungs. From here, the oxygen dissolves in the blood and then that blood enters the left side of your heart. The left side of your heart re-pumps this oxygenated blood and sends it to all parts of the body. A heart attack occurs when blood does not reach your heart, causing heart cells to die.

Tips to avoid heart attack

Daily consumption of gourd vegetable or juice significantly reduces the risk of heart attack. Apart from this, eating it raw is very beneficial for the heart.

Clean 10-12 leaves of Pipal and boil it in water. By drinking this water for at least 15 days, the problem of heart blockage is eliminated and the risk of heart attack is also reduced.

Boil the wheat in water for 10 minutes and allow it to germinate by wrapping it in a cloth to 1 inch long. Using it daily reduces the risk of heart attack problem.

Consuming raw carrot or its juice is very beneficial for the heart. By drinking carrot juice daily and including green vegetables in your diet, you can protect yourself from heart attack.

Heat 1 cup ginger juice, lemon juice, garlic and apple cider vinegar. When it cools down, mix honey in it. Drinking 3 teaspoons of it daily on an empty stomach eliminates the problem of heart blockage.

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