NewsPR Today is a media organization that delivers objective,fair and precise news. Our guiding principles demonstrate liberalism within the society and the economy. We strive to embody and promote the candor of public discourse and establish norms of excellence and integrity in our reporting.


NewsPR Today outlines an ethical policy that mandates conduct for every employee.All staff members, irrespective of their position, swear to adhere to the principle and recite in this code. This document thrives on binding commitment for all NewsPR Today staff members undergoing regular updates and review to remain in sync with the evolving media landscape and changes in new generation and consumption trends.


We assure that our content remains unbiased and fair by conflict of interest.. NewsPR Today associates are restrained from signing public petitions or bestow transactions to political parties or groups encouraging for political causes. Aligning with government entities, businesses, or civil society groups must be avoided or unveiled to supervisors. We adhere to rigorous  parameters between ourselves and the subjects we report on and abstain from engaging in partisan activities. Any affiliations, memberships, or endorsements that may undermine our credibility must be disclosed to the editors.


All freelance assignments require consent from supervisors. Writing for another publication would need authorization, and the writer must be identified as part of the NewsPR Today group. Any individuals agreeing to deliver speech during engagements  such as conferences and seminars, would require approval from the editors.


Advertisers or marketing interests will not affect our news, analysis, or opinion. Advertisement will be transparent and notable with regards to new content. Sponsored editorial features will be distinctly tagged from editorial content.


We advocate ethical standards in our management.  Individuals must hinder from accepting luxurious gifts from individuals, entities, or institutions we report on. Invitations to special events must be politely declined unless the purpose is to cover the event, or if the seat is designated for the press gallery. Materials provided to NewsPR Today employees during work hours are the property of the organization and should not be misused or  resold. We must not seek or accept  any preferential treatment due to our affiliation as media group employees.


NewsPR Today associates are forbidden from purchasing or selling shares based on information infiltrated the organization before publication.  Any shares purchased must be refrained for a minimum of one year, and employees must disclose their total participant to supervisors every six months. Employees responsible for covering business and financial topics must upfold their financial holdings and investments to the Editor-in-Chief to mitigate conflicts of interest.


Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. Sourcing content from other media outlets will be investigated and images must not be digitally manipulated without permission.


NewsPR Today employees are prohibited from being kindred with or receiving commission from external organizations or individuals that may imperil our independence or integrity. We are zealous to uphold these ethical standards and

 assure that our content remains trustworthy, transparent, and of the highest caliber.