Israel is all set to attack Iran, preparing war planes as per reports

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Recently Israel was being attacked with Iran missiles and drones. To take the revenge Israel is all set to attack Iran back with its planes and missiles as per the reports. The country is also preparing its warplanes to launch the strike.

The decision was made after two war cabinet meetings where leaders of Israel planned on how to respond to Saturday’s attack. The report was carried by Israel’s Channel 12 news. Although no timeline has been provided, the report said that Israel’s air force – including US-made F-16, F-15 and F-35 fighter jets – has been gearing up to launch a counter-strike.

What’s the issue between Iran and Israel?

Four missiles hit Israel’s Nevatim Air Base on Saturday.The Israel Defence System said that 170 drones were fired at Israel from Iran, and Israeli Air Force jets shot down dozens of them. The main reason behind the war is the attack on Iran’s embassy in Syria on April 1. An Israeli airstrike destroyed the whole building with the attack killing two civilians. To take the revenge Iran attacked Israel with dozen of missiles.Iran has said that its April 12 attacks on Israel were in response to its targeting of an Iranian consulate in Syria earlier this month, leading to the death of its senior military commanders.

What’s next?

The next steps remain unclear, but Israel is facing pleas from its allies to step back from the edge of open warfare and choose a path of peace. But Israel is not going to step back. The history clearly shows that.

IDF chief said Israel is considering its next steps but that the Iranian strike “will be met with a response”.

Iran, on the other hand, has threatened to launch a deadlier attack on Israel if it retaliates. Tehran has also warned the US against backing a counteroffensive, and has threatened that it would target US garrisons in Syria, Jordan and Iraq.

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