Travelling to Europe during the summer season has become difficult now! Here are the reasons why!

Shivani Arora

Many Indians used to travel to Europe during the summer season but they are currently facing some difficulties. While Europe is encouraging multiple entry for Indians in Schengen countries through its new visa rules, on the other hand uncertainty over visa approvals and the attitude of denying visas without any valid reason has angered and worried travelers.

This is the time of the year when most of the Indian tourists seek visas to visit Schengen countries i.e. European countries. According to the reports, most of the tourists this year are worried because of long wait for visa, time taken in processing, possibility of getting visa and not getting visa without valid reasons.

The wife was given a visa for travel, the husband did not get a visa

A media report mentions a couple who travel to Europe 2 to 3 times a year. This time they planned to go to Greece but they got upset when one of them did not get a visa. According to the report, he said that it is very ridiculous that my visa was canceled and my wife got a visa. This was clearly a mistake which cost them 6000 euros. He said that he is 72 years old and HNI. fall into the category.
Traveled to 40-45 countries

He has visited around 40-45 countries. He said that the reason for canceling the visa was not correct. He said he had no intention of settling there. For the visa, he had confirmed the hotel booking and return flight tickets. My family, my children, my home is here in India, so I had no reason to go to Europe other than tourism. He said that Schengen visa rules are not suitable for Indian travelers. They do not accept applications without confirming hotel and flight bookings. How can they ask for payment for the booking when there is no guarantee of getting a visa?

The reason for not getting a visa to Europe

Mohak Nahata, founder of visa platform Atlas, said that Indians planning summer vacations in Schengen countries are not getting visa appointments. He said that due to increased connectivity, it has become easier to travel to Shenzhen countries. But due to this, the uncertainty about the visa has started to increase. Most visas are rejected.

Sometimes the reason for visa cancellation is not written clearly. Usually the visa is available in 35 to 40 days. If you apply in April, you get it in June. Nahta said that the data for 2022-23 shows that one in five Indian travelers to Schengen countries get their visas rejected.

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