President Biden signed a $95 billion foreign aid for Israel and Gaza

Shivani Arora

President Biden signed a $95 billion foreign aid bill Wednesday after the Senate approved it in a 79-18 vote Tuesday night. The measure contains $26 billion in funds allotted for Israel, which the White House said would “help ensure that Israel has what it needs to defend itself against the very real threats it faces from Iran, as well as Iran’s proxy groups.” It also includes humanitarian aid for Gaza and other places. Top Israeli officials thanked the United States after the vote. Microsoft has banned its Employees from using AI chatbot

In remarks from the White House, Mr. Biden said the foreign aid package would strengthen national security.

“It’s going to make the world safer,” he said. “And it continues America’s leadership in the world, and everyone knows it.”

The Senate voted overwhelmingly to approve the package on Tuesday night after increasingly divisive politics raised questions on Capitol Hill and among U.S. allies about whether the United States would continue to back Kyiv against Russia’s military assault. The 79-to-18 vote provided Mr. Biden with another legislative accomplishment to point to, even in the face of an obstructionist House.

“In the next few hours — literally, the few hours — we’re going to begin sending in equipment to Ukraine,” Mr. Biden said.

But even as he praised the infusion of funding on Wednesday, Mr. Biden said the process should have “been easier, and should have gotten there sooner.”

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