AI girlfriends: A threat to traditional dating apps and human connections

Shivani Arora

Artificial intelligence (AI) has entered the dating world and perhaps Gen Z needs to be aware of this new player in the love game. We are talking about the AI-girlfriend industry, which is growing fast and the day may not be far when it will reach billions of dollars. Tech experts believe that this is the future of dating, but at the same time, it can also become a big trap for phishing and honey trapping.

A Billion Dollar AI industry

Observing users engage with AI-generated partners has sparked conversations about the future of virtual relationships and dating. A revelation from an encounter with a Miami resident has highlighted their significant expenditure of $10,000 monthly on AI girlfriends, illustrating the growing attachment to these virtual companions.

A threat to Human Connection

The rise of AI girlfriends raises concerns about the impact on real-life relationships and society as a whole. By replacing human companionship with artificial intelligence, individuals miss out on the ups and downs that come with genuine interactions. It has been seen that the impact of AI girlfriends and AI relationship has become a threat for human connection. The love, feeling is decreasing day by day. With this, the day is not far that the humans will make relationship with robos or AI tools rather than with humans itself.

In an ongoing loneliness epidemic, the rise of AI chatbot companions and romantic partners might be meeting some people’s needs, but researchers found these bots aren’t the best of friends when it comes to protecting secrets. Afterall these all are the part of technology and somehow, it does not provide 100% privacy and security as humans do.

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