Night Shift can lead to Diabetes: Studies

Shivani Arora

Are you also one of those persons who works overnight or does night shifts then this article is just for you! A new study says that people who works on night shifts can get diabetic at the early age.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018–2019, 16% of workers held a non-daytime schedule. Of these individuals, 6% worked in the evening, 4% worked overnight, and the remaining 6% had a variable shift pattern. This number has increased in the present year.

Yes this is surprising because many of the international students usually works overnight or on night shifts. This is a serious concern at which proper functioning should be done.

Now what are the symptoms of increase in Sugar Levels? You always remain very thirsty, Lose weight without trying, increase in hunger, Blurry vision, tiredness, dry skin, infections, Have numb or tingling hands or feet.

“There are processes tied to the master biological clock in our brain that are saying that day is day and night is night and other processes that follow rhythms set elsewhere in the body that say night is day and day is night,” said senior study author Hans Van Dongen, a professor in the WSU Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine.

Report says that Blood samples drawn at regular intervals throughout the 24-hour period were analyzed to identify proteins present in blood-based immune system cells. Some proteins had rhythms closely tied to the master biological clock, which keeps the body on a 24-hour rhythm. The master clock is resilient to altered shift schedules, so these protein rhythms didn’t change much in response to the night shift schedule.

“What we showed is that we can really see a difference in molecular patterns between volunteers with normal schedules and those with schedules that are misaligned with their biological clock,” said Jason McDermott, a computational scientist with PNNL’s Biological Sciences Division.

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