Stocks that can give you high returns if BJP wins

Shivani Arora

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently cast his vote for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. On his social media platform ‘X’, the PM urged every eligible voter to exercise their vote and strengthen our democracy. PM Modi has already been the prime minister of India in two terms and it will be his third consecutive term if he wins the election.

In the third phase of elections, prominent candidates including Union home minister Amit Shah voted from Gandhinagar, and Union ministers Jyotiraditya Scindia, Mansukh Mandaviya and Prahlad Joshi contesting from different constituencies. This phase holds many key implications for the political landscape, particularly in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, with high-profile candidates and different legacies at stake.

Now the question is what if BJP wins again? Is it going to effect the stock market? Is it going to give benefits to the investors? The answer is yes. Stocks to Watch if BJP Wins 2024 Lok Sabha Elections:

  1. Defence sector

    Investing in the defence shares offers financial growth due to its steady demand, government backing and long-term contractual commitments. However, before investing, you must consider factors such as financial performance, technological advancements, etc. As under BJP budget and schemes the defence sector has been shown as a great sector.

  2. Indian Railways

    This industry is vast but also has a history of growth and with this it has a different advantage to consider railway stocks as a great long-term investment option. You can easily invest in Indian Railways.

  3. PSU banks

    Investing in PSU banks can give you a long term benefit in 2024. The government has always been concerned about the rise of non-performing assets i.e NPA’S and bad loans in PSU banks. Since the BJP came to power, the country has seen the merging of different banks that are well-known banks that you would never imagine.

  4. Ethanol sector

    In 2018, the government declared a ‘National Policy on Biofuels’, which aimed to achieve 20% ethanol blending by 2030. However, because of the government’s effective actions since 2014, the target has been brought forward to 2025-26.Ethanol, when mixed with petrol, emits fewer greenhouse gases. The government has launched different Programme to promote ethanol production. This scheme helps improve energy security, decrease fuel imports, save foreign exchange, preserve the environment, and support the agriculture sector.

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